• Image of Sun Splitter: Live On WFMU
  • Image of Sun Splitter: Live On WFMU

Heavy and brain melting industrial metal madness. Think Godflesh and Hawkwind collaborating, with an acid-tripping monk doing vocals. Shares members with Dead Dragon Mountain. Previous releases on Land of Decay and Bloodlust!.

Pro-dubbed, pro-printed white c60 cassettes with black ink in traditional plastic case with 65 lb. kraft stock 4-panel j-card. Comes with download code. Limited edition of 100.


Cvlt Nation on Sun Splitter's last full length, "III" - "Sun Splitter have created a record that will be spun at least twice a week for the rest of my existence on this planet...The thing that is so radical about the way this band writes songs is that they are able to bury harsh noise in a beautiful grave where deranged sonic flowers grow. Sun Splitter are the perfect balance between ancient organic sounds and machine-like audio rain that crashes against your skull...The closing track, “Two Cold Oceans,” is a 16-minute-long stellar example of how this band manifests magic. The riff in this tune is catchy as fuck, but it’s the way that the song melts into a lake of moving noise that keeps your attention...Even this review can’t speak to the heights that Sun Splitter can take you – on the real, they are my brand new high."

Hammer Smashed Sound on "III" -"The 5 songs on this LP, which make up almost 50 minutes of music, are blistering, droning, heavy pieces of industrial metal that sound like so much more than just the typical release from that sub-genre. These songs are aggressive yet well-written hymns to darkness and intellectual, psychological violence. Drenched with reverb and droning feedback, the songs are still complex enough and rich in melody. The psychedelic elements can be overwhelming, but they provide a another layer to the band's dense, full sound that is almost kraut-ish at times. The dark sonic bliss that this record dives into is incredibly heavy, and it feels like there is so much going on that III could in fact be in the process of splitting the sun."


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