• Image of Distro - Altars: Paramnesia (Rising Beast Recordings)

Altars: Paramnesia - "ALTARS live in the deepest cracks of Death Metal. Paramnesia embodies the controlled chaos, one hand gripped to reality, the rest of your body flung to the elements and disorienting spins and sounds of mental illness.
Recorded in Adelaide, Australia–and adorned by the works of artists Denis Forkas Kostromintin, and Alexander Brown (BNB Illustration and Design), Paramnesia was released to critical acclaim by Nuclear Winter Records and Blood Harvest, named in the top releases of 2013 by CVLT Nation, Invisible Oranges, and No Clean Singing amongst others.
Paramnesia is Death Metal of an imposing, claustrophobic and physical nature, yet reeks in a wash of dissonance and metaphysical levitation." (From the label)

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